Seasonal Nature Wheel

The Summer Solstice cycle of our Seasonal Nature Wheel program is active from 21 June until 21 Sept 2021, with the following offering;


~ A self-paced, step-by-step online program, accessible via Desktop or Mobile App

~ A holistic and intuitive practice toolkit created by our qualified practitioners and facilitators; Siobhán, Jenny and Olivia

~ Six core nature connection practices for observing, witnessing, sensing, embodying

~ Six deep dive practices for recording, journaling, connecting, expanding

~ An online community discussion group in exchange with your guides and fellow practitioners

~ Access to the  ’Wheel of the Year’ online gallery space

~ A facilitated ‘Storytelling Circle’ gathering to celebrate our exploration at the end of the season


This full program is accessible via a seasonal or year subscription, according to your means;


Option 1  ~   One season cycle*                        €15 – €30

Option 2 ~   One year cycle                              €50– €100

Option 3 ~   We offer two honorary subscriptions for the one year cycle, please reach out to us to apply!


*Near the end of each season, there is the option to subscribe for the next season, take a pause or end your journey.


A commitment to one season is aimed at growing a community of practice and enriching interconnectivity, while beyond one season we aim to deepen our personal practice, community connection and vital nature relations. Contributions go toward our professional guidance and support, back-end organisation and everything in between to sustain this ongoing exploration.


Please note that our diverse toolkit of nature connection practices has been curated to repeat as a cycle each season as part of the Primitivkollektiv Wheel of the Year. This means that if you decide to subscribe for more than one season, or for the entire year, we will be revisiting the practices together or focusing on the ones that call to you intuitively each season. Every season has its own nuances, gifts and challenges that will determine our approach to these practices, and we look forward to supporting you in this unfolding relationship via our community group and facilitated circles.


If you have any questions before you commit, feel free to reach out to us, thank you.





Sign up at any time within the first month of the season* by clicking on 'Request to join' via the program link below.


*If you request to join within the 2nd or 3rd month of the season, your registered will be confirmed for the following season.

You will receive a personal email to process your subscription, followed by a confirmation email with a link to access the program and community group. We aim to reply with five days.


We look forward to flowing together!

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