Your Inner Landscape




Deep Ecology believes that within us we each have an inner landscape - a place that we experienced growing up that has deeply informed who we are. 


We may be aware of this relationship or not, or

we may very well know that some part of our inner being feels deeply resonant with a particular type of place.


These places shape and form not just our experiences and memories, but also our emotional spectrum and our individual psyches. 


Deep ecologist Jenny O’Hare guides us step by step through this inner landscape practice.


You may choose to read the prompts or listen to the audio;

in which case we recommend listening with headphones.


A pen and paper, or your journal is needed for this practice.

Practice No.01_Revisiting Your Inner LanPrimitivkollektiv
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Before beginning the practice, ensure that you are in a comfortable and relaxed position, seated or lying down, and without any external distractions. 

Focus on your breath for a few moments until you settle in and feel yourself dropping inwards.

We invite you now to the question;

What is your Inner Landscape?

We would love to hear
about your experience

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