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Developing your Pattern Sense 


Practice No.02

Observing and interacting with patterns in Nature can help us to understand the landscape around us, and deepen our appreciation of the world that we live in.
Practicing pattern sensing can lead to new discoveries, personal growth, as well as opportunities for developing innovative and regenerative concepts.

During Primitivkollektiv Circle III, we introduced and explored our pattern sense together in the forest of Plänterwald, Berlin.


We presented the Core Model pattern cards which are referenced in Permaculture design. The Core Model represents the fundamental pattern of Nature, that contains a set of recognisable pattern forms. It is a useful tool to understand and sense the interconnected nature of existence, from the macro to the micro, within us and around us.

Permaculturist Siobhán O'Callaghan has

created this journaling practice for developing your pattern sense.


Visit the Community Forum where you will find the

Core Model pattern cards that were presented during

Primitivkollektiv Circle III. 

Included in the Pattern Sensing forum post, is an introduction to patterns, as well as the card descriptions for your reference.

Perhaps you would like to dedicate a notebook to patterns. Otherwise your journal or some paper, as well as pencil or pen is required for this practice.

We would love to hear
about your experience

If you enjoyed this practice and would like to share your exploration, please join us in the COMMUNITY FORUM,

where you can connect with our contributors and participants.

We will also be discussing this exploration at the next Primitivkollektiv Circle. Please check the OFFERINGS

page to register and join.





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