Community Guidelines

A warm welcome to all who chose to connect here!


Our member spaces on are designed to inspire, engage and connect our Primitivkollektiv participants around the topics linked to the platform. They include:


- Members Profile Page

- Personal Exploration Space

- Community Support Groups

- Shared Gallery

- Primitivkollektiv Library

Here are some tips for how to get started:


Step 1 - Click on the sign up link and create a member account.

Step 2 - Add a profile picture and write a short bio to introduce yourself to our community. This is mandatory because it allows for a more positive interaction with each other with a trusting exchange.

Step 3 - Learn about our explorations and sign up to access them through your members page.

Step 4 - Locate your exploration channel on the Community Support Groups page and click to join. Say hi, ask questions, share your story, images, artwork and resources with the community!

Send your questions, feedback, suggestions or troubleshooting to Siobhán at


Primitivkollektiv is a dedicated space for friendly and respectful exchange. All participants can express their experience, opinions and knowledge in contributions and comments around the topics presented through the platform. There are three simple but guiding rules: be yourself, be caring, be respectful!


Please pay attention to how you communicate on the platform; use a friendly tone, treat others as you would like to be treated and respect everyone's opinion. In your comments, refer to the topic of the post and follow the etiquette.




The following guiding rules are necessary to protect and nurture the Primitivkollektiv members who sign up and chose to connect here:


Be yourself!

- Presenting and sharing your true self allows for a more positive interaction with each other with a trusting exchange.

- Make sure to add profile picture and be honest with the details about yourself.

- Don’t upload inappropriate photos or content.


Be caring!

- Care for one another by being thoughtful and nice. This is a safe space to connect and share.

- Always come from a place of good intentions.

- Be tolerant and respectful of each other's opinions, even if you do not share them.

- Try encouraging deeper discussions to understand and learn from each other better.

- Say thank you if a story, post or comment was helpful or informative.

- Avoid dominating conversations and allow space for others to share, explore and communicate.


Be respectful!

- Respect that participants are opening up to share their personal stories and experiences.

- If you are inspired by a participants story, artwork or other personal work, always ask permission before sharing and respect their response.



Primitivkollektiv reserves the right to close or delete posts and comments that do not contribute to a supportive and constructive discussion, as well as the right to edit or change the community space guidelines. Any spamming, discrimination, aggressive language, bullying, threats, violation of privacy will not be tolerated. Photos, comments or other materials that can be classified as offensive or unconstructive will be removed. Failure to follow the Primitivkollektiv guidelines can, in extreme cases, lead to temporary or permanent exclusion from the platform in the protection of the community.



Thank you for your consideration and enjoy interacting with our community online!



(last edited 22.02.2020)

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