All contributors, participants and members of this platform naturally embody the Primitivkollektiv. So do the collection of stories, discussions and experiences that weave past, present and future together.

Guided by the wisdom of our

ancestors, Primitivkollektiv is a

community platform for cultivating care and connection with Nature.


We initiate, explore and respond through collective storytelling, practices, offerings, skill-sharing

and community circles.

Initiate - 


Primitivkollektiv initiates conversations, develops and shares resources, and facilitates community circles with skill-sharing workshops. As initiators, we remember the wisdom of our ancestors to revive and celebrate traditional knowledge, skills and practices in collaboration with those who already work in partnership with Nature.


Explore - 


Primitivkollektiv embraces open and diverse participation to create meaningful explorations; simply connect with us in the community forum or join a circle meet-up.

We want to give everyone the opportunity to get to know each other, to exchange stories and ideas, and to continue their learning. This is a crucial step in growing and strengthening a community that acts in care for the Living World. 


Respond -  


Primitivkollektiv supports it's community in learning how to be good ancestors for future generations. Reflecting on our explorations, we will decide together how best to respond with positive action, empowering and inspiring others through our community spirit.

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